Graphic Designing

Design & Publicity

When you spend your hard earned money on advertising or printed publicity material you need both creative ideas & good technical skills to shine through. Our creative approach to graphic design creates outstanding marketing material for all types of advertising campaigns.

» Advertising Design
» Postcard Design
» Flyer Design
» Poster Design
» Invitation Card Design
» Greeting Design
» Banner Design
» Newsletter Design

 Logo Design & Branding Services

Establishing your corporate identity is vital to effective marketing and creating a strong company logo is an essential step in identifying and differentiating your company from its competitors!

Print Design Services

Printed Literature is inevitable for any company and well thought & designed printed literature certainly helps in creating the desired image of the company. Graphic design services at Image and Pixel include but are not limited to the following:

» Brochure Design
» Restaurant Menu Design
» Magazine Design
» Annual Report Design
» Calendar Design
» Exhibit Design
» Catalog Design
» eBook & Booklet Design
» Book Cover Design
» Packaging Design